The Color Run CMYK Team!

On Saturday me and a few co-workers got together to do the Color Run 5K in San Francisco (If you haven't heard of the it check it out here >

Our team was aptly named CMYK since you know... we are graphic designers.

The race started out with everyone wearing white and we were given a packet of colored corn starch for the ending chute. Of course many people were getting antsy as we were waiting for our wave to start the 5K and throwing some in the air and at their friends. Soon enough around 10:30a we were off!

I ran with my iphone in the little waterproof pouch thinger I had bought my guy for the sailboat, so I was able to take pics without my phone getting messy! Yay! So every 1K was a color chute, you could run through the middle and not get too much color or go up to the people throwing the powder and get doused.

In the finish chute everyone went crazy throwing colors through the air creating rainbows! It was awesome, I at this point was by myself, everyone had ran off or walked off at their own rate, but I had so much fun throwing pink in strangers faces, on myself and in the air. Afterwards there was a concert and dancing and food trucks and rainbow people everywhere... It was awesome. The only question is on the color packets it states that the color corn starch is illegal in Utah... why everyone needs color!!

During the cleanup it was cool to see how the trees and bushes were all colorful! And it's cornstarch so it'll wash away! Robin and Stephan got the most colorful... as you can see as we walked back to the car!

And we got this sweet shirt, I like it!!! Last but not least here's the before and after of team CMYK! YAY! Go PureRED!