In July I had the excitement of some of my family visiting me out here in California. I hadn't seen anyone other than my father in almost a year, and to make it sweeter it was my mom's first time to California and my nephew's first airplane ride! I was so enthused to have my mother, step-father, sister and nephew out here to show them a bit of how I've been living. Of course the week or two before is when my stupid car finally gave up on life, so I had to teach them all about the wonderful thing we call out here public transportation. I mean we have "public transport" in the midwest, but is it efficient? No. They were amazed by all the modes of getting around, so much so we all almost thought we were in Europe! No... I lie, my family isn't that dumb, but honestly Dayton, Ohio doesn't know what good bus schedules are, and the family of car sale people and GM employees scoff at buses. Again, I lie.

Anyway, the visit was filled with hugs, tears, laughs, giggles, tickles, gossip, and terrible faces. My mom was able to meet the group of boys I rabble rouse around town with... Not sure if that was a good thing or not, I really need to make some girlfriends.

The trip started out with time around fisherman's wharf and walking around the city. Day two started at Civic Center then to the painted ladies, a quick lunch, then time in the Castro, ending in the Mission at Dolores park and shopping. So hip, it's awesome. On Tuesday my step-father rented a car and went to golf, so we went to the Legion of Honor for lunch then got picked up and drove across the Golden Gate (first time driving across for me, yeah I'm real lame) and went hiking in John Muir Woods... which were magical! Then we drove back stopped for some photo-ops at Sutro Baths and Ocean beach and ended with dinner and drinks at Trader Vics! Then I went back to work for the rest of the week (as a salaried employee, whomp whomp!) and the family continued to have tons of adventures. On Thursday night we all met at Top of the Mark for farewell drinks.

It was a gloriously wonderful time, albeit stressful as hell. I loved having them here but trying to entertain three generations with car stress was about to make my head explode... of course for family I welcome that.

I'll continue the photos in the next post!

Love ya!


Amber | September 14, 2012 at 9:42 AM

looks like fun! Trying to be a host for family visits is tough. Its like I love having my family visit but I also want to explode from the stress. Sounds like you managed well though :)

Anonymous | September 15, 2012 at 10:35 AM

The shot of all the houses lined up so reminds me of Full House. Seriously. It is wonderful that you had such a lovely time with your family!