What I Did: Sunset on a Beach

I've noticed it's a funny thing, the less I work the less I blog.

It's been great living here in the east bay, but it has also been a bit depressing. I miss the ease that I had back home. I knew where to hang out, who with, and what to do. Here it's all so big here, I'm meeting people (like awesome Grace!!!), and yet am not confident in going out much alone. But I have moved and lived in new places before and this is much how my learning/comfort cycle is, the first few months I'm a bit of a hermit, and slowly I break out of my shell, turning from a turtle to a lizard... yeah that analogy doesn't work, but is funny to think about!.

I have met a ton of great people and many of my friends here and roomies think I'm doing great, I've met so many people! But that's who I am, I super social and love being involved, I mean I was hanging out with a former classmate and he was telling one of my new friends that I was "Captain Art School", I was involved with everything and knew everyone who went to our small art college. I miss that. So in my job hunting here I have really strived to look for a more community environment. But you can't always find it. I do though have a great job currently as the "Girl Friday" (personal assistant) to a holistic doctor here in town, and she is great to work with. I've learned so much and am busy doing everything from office management, to yard work, to event photography and booking. I like it, I've always been a jack of all trades and am proud of that. So yeah, I haven't blogged much (my dad misses my posts), and I miss a lot of things, and am quite mopey, but I've come so far this year. I do miss the comforts and excitement that I had last year at this time, but looking back my life was soooo different. I was settled, I was engaged, I was safe... Now I don't have anything holding me back which is really scary, but I'm excited to live a new life! Not many people can say they've lived multiple lives, but I have and I loved every one of them.


So onto sunset on the beach. Last week was pretty hectic, I had drawings to do, work, getting myself used to being on the go, and two earthquakes shook the bay area last thursday. Yup I'm a real Californian now, I got all shook up! So Friday night the boys and I went to The View lounge ontop of the Marriott in SF for Jim's bday. It was beautiful, but sadly no photos turned out. And after wine at Jim's place, me and the other boys went back to Oakland and ended the night with many specials (red stripe and a shot o' whiskey)... well let me be clear, they ended the night with specials, I just sat back, sipped some beer and watched them make fools of themselves while they got in a tickle/poke/beer/popcorn fight.... yeah.

So saturday came around and the weather was gorgeous so after nursing a hangover Mike and I drove to the city, got stuck on the bay bridge, bought some burritos, had Tripp crawl all over us, and headed towards Ocean Beach to watch the sunset and meetup with a former classmate of mine Ray (who is moving here too!). I have only watched the sunset on the ocean a couple times, last time was in Malibu last summer... but the vibe this time was so chill. Everyone just hanging out with campfires and doggies. It was so nice. and sandy.


Oh and another note, early this thursday morning I was woken up by another earthquake, but it was cool I yelled at it to stop cause I was sleeping, and I told that quake who's boss. Don't be shakin me while I sleep!



Anonymous | October 28, 2011 at 3:22 PM

aww yay! I'm glad you're liking it here! And man, I totally know how rough it can be moving to a new place and getting that motivation to head out alone to find new things. You'll find yer groove!

Jeff | October 31, 2011 at 6:36 AM

Yes, this is from your DAD!!! Love reading this and "Keep goin Girl"....Yea!! and love you.

Victoria / Justice Pirate | November 7, 2011 at 8:19 AM

that is interesting to me that you blog less when you work less. Most people are the opposite!!! that's awesome.

I saw your tweet (I think it was) about your earthquake and that it listened to you and I laughed so much. That was great.