Out West: Day 7

On the 7th day Lee and I drove across the state of Oregon... and man it was kinda boring. We drove along the oregon trail until Crater Lake NP then headed south towards Redwoods, CA. There was an awesome store in the middle of no where we stopped at, I only wish I had money because they sold beautiful native american jewelry... One thing I really disliked is that they pump the gas for you... which is ok except when the gas attendant leaves my gas cap off and closed the gas cap door. Um... putting the gas cap on is like 30% of your job. Sorry. I was frustrated.


But now onto Crater Lake! It was beautiful!!!!!!! This trip was filled with volcanic activity. Crater Lake is actually an ancient volcano the caved in on itself and filled with water. The explosion that created the caldera was one of the largest in the US and it produced an ask cloud that was 15 times larger then Mt. St. Helen's explosion, spreading ash as far as Yellowstone. Its the deepest lake (1949ft) in the US, the 9th deepest in the world, and is known for how blue it is. The rim was so massive and was hard to grasp the sheer magnitude of it's size, and the cliff drops were crazy! There is an island in the middle, Wizard Island, that was formed by recent volcanic activity. I want to go back there sometime and stay at the lodge! It's so cute! And you can hike down the rim and take a boat to Wizard Island and hike to the top! Sounds so fun!!!



The whole trip we passed by sooo many forest fires... Of course again we saw some more, but the signs put us at ease. ;)


Summer snow in sandals is the best!


The best was at night we started driving towards the redwoods, it was totally creepy driving thru the woods at night and slowly the trees became bigger and bigger... Or we were shrinking. After 10 hrs of driving you start to wonder.

Till the next day!


pictures by me and lee


Midwest Mayhem | October 6, 2011 at 10:21 PM

Crater lake looks so beautiful! Can't wait to see your pictures of the redwoods!

Victoria / Justice Pirate | October 10, 2011 at 12:20 PM

The snow photo of you standing in that is so cool. Again, your little dance photo!!!! I love it!!