What I Wore: All that Jazz


I'm not a writer. I don't feel like my wit and goofiness comes through these like black and white squiggles that makes wurds. But I do love sharing the experiences that I have with people and also use them to remember the fun I had. Last weekend I helped my boss put on a private concert featuring her partner Audrey's crazy talent. The gift of song. Man I wish when I sang I sounded like a purdy bird but all that comes out are squawks. Too bad. But this gave me the opportunity to wear a fancy dress, hang out in a beautiful mansion, and sway to jazzy music. Score.


I recently let Victoria of Justice Pirate borrow a bunch of dresses and I got them back in the snail mail the day before, best thing was is this beer tire sitting around my waist squeezed back into these tight numbers. Hurrah! Honestly I need get my waist under control. I love this dress, I got it last year for christmas from Sally Jane Vintage's etsy shop and I love it! It's from the 80's but cut like a 40's dress... I wuv it... Yep I said it again. Anyway I was running late and tried something with my hair. It turned out decent I guess, Oh well, but I call this hair style Hot Cross Buns... Yeah! I've been having too much fun with hair spray.

So in the beginning of the night I was the great and almighty gate keeper. It was fun to say who wasn't allowed and who was. I got to bounce party crashers left and right. Well not really, everyone was welcome! The concert was to raise money so that Audrey can record a cd, and the turn out was great. It was wonderful seeing people supporting someone they care about and the crowd was so pleasant. The day before my boss and I set up the entire house for the concert, it was great to see the musicians come in and watching the guest fill this beautiful house.


The music was soothing and wonderful, I swayed and swished to the music behind the crowd, ate fancy cheese and crackers, and sneaked around taking pictures. Audrey has a wonderful voice and her presence was perfect. She hit all the notes, made us giggle with anecdotes, and bobbed our heads to the jams by her bands. It was a great was to spend a Saturday night.

After the concert a few of us sped around rearranging the house to it's normal state. By the end of the night the house was back to it's original state, all the wine was drunk and cheese eaten, feet were tired, and ears were pleased. All in all awesome night, and I was happy to help with it.



{ dress - vintage, sally jane vintage }{ boots - urban outfitters }{ earrings - vintage }


She is Sara | November 6, 2011 at 2:01 PM

Your new job seems awesome!

Midwest Mayhem | November 6, 2011 at 2:32 PM

Sounds like an amazing job! The dress is gorgeous, I love all of the little details!

Victoria / Justice Pirate | November 7, 2011 at 8:22 AM

yey!!!! I'm glad you're already back to wearing your lovely dresses that you let me borrow. You look lovely in it too!!! Did you approve of how the green dress was fixed by the way? I did go to an actual professional instead of my mother-in-law for it to get fixed because my mother-in-law is lazy and probably it would have taken her a month to do it. ugh. Anyway that is great about the job!

Anonymous | November 12, 2011 at 9:56 AM

I wish I could sing too! I really can't though :(

This even looks amazing, and your job sounds awesome! You look so lovely in your white dress xxx