My design life

So one thing that I've been working on yet obviously not yet succeeding in is revamping my art website ( and this blog, moving it to But between work, freelance work, my pooch and friends... and my 5 year old laptop things are a slow go. But I'm excited to be getting a brand new iMac in the mail soonish!! And hopefully it will force me to sit on my butt and get lotsa work done! I'm so excited. I have the total layout of my new blog laid out including a better design and painting section, travel section, doggy section, diy, clothes & sewing (my first love), and life. I have SO MANY projects to upload and photograph, including wedding invites, websites, packaging and bags! I really need to get on it! My goal this year is to grow my freelance and print shop and learn learn learn!!

So here's some eye candy that will be sittin gon my desk soon which I can't wait to makeout with...

Happy Valentines Day

Also to see just a little design work of mine, and to stay updated with my crap check out my behance account,


Sara Gerard | February 18, 2013 at 9:28 AM

DUDE. I am jelly beyond all reason!