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Oh Hey 2014

So Sara tagged me to say 10 things about me... Well since I haven't been online much lately I thought I'd tell you 10 NEW things about me! Well maybe some old ones too? We'll see.

Here's the rules:
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I am happily the new web designer for Weather Underground!!! Now don't judge me by the current site, we've been working on so many exciting things on recreating the entire web experience (this is our ever evolving BETA forecast page) and being able to more readily share the wealth of information the Weather Underground has. This company is somewhat amazing, been publicaly online since 1995, but the database is a few years older. I can't imagine being happier at anyother job. The people are amazing, and I feel now that I'm really doing what I'm supposed to be doing and it's so fullfilling. Now if I'll ever get to redesigning this blog... Haha isn't it the saying that the cobbler has the worst shoes. Oh well.

At my desk on the 6th floor looking over chinatown and up Sacramento

After 2.5 years living with 4-5 other roomies I moved into a flat in a beautiful old duplex... a block away from my old place. I love it! The house has it's issues since it's so old and the landlord isn't very hands on, but he doesn't mind me making improvements and it's HUGE, and AFFORDABLE... Well maybe not for other places but for the Oakland/SF area is. AND NO PET RENT! That's the stupidest concept that is way too common out here.

In the dining room looking towards the living room, look at that fireplace and those ceilings!

3. I turned 28. I feel old. And I still am confused how I got this old all of a sudden, I was literally just 25.

4. I'm running out of new things in my life, on to the old. I'm doing the same as Sara, I'm a total control freak. At work, at home, anywhere. I just see people milling about and I just want to make them walk on the correct side of the sidewalk or correct them on the Bart escalators... At work I just end up making meetings and stuff like that... I dunno hopefully that's not too bad.

5. I play the flute and recently started learning Clawhammer Banjo. I really like it, I'm good at the clawhammer part but trying to get my fingers in the twist to hold down strings, I'm not so good at.

6. I've realized I'm pretty handy. Tonight I even stumped a Home Depot guy about pocket joinery... I feel pretty proud of that. I've already taken on many new building projects at my new place and also did many at my old place. But then I can be "girlie" and sew and bake shit up.

7. Everytime I walk out of the underground in San Francisco I want to recreate the opening to the Mary Tyler Moore show and throw my beret in the air, cause "She's gonna make it after alll!" But I don't think I can turn the world on with my smile...

The Mary Tyler Moore Show Opening and Closing Theme 1970 - 1977

8. I'm very shy, but also really loud. I don't really know how this is possible, but it is. I'm always worried that I'm doing something wrong, but then sometimes I have no filter. I think I need to find a middle ground.

9. I have recently realized I'm the dog equivalent to a crazy cat lady. I dress Tripp up and I LOVE IT!

Tripp naps on beaches.

10. I think snoring is really gross... I know it's so stupid but I cannot fall asleep if someone is snoring, I just concentrate on the noise and how I hate it. But who knows I may snore, that would be karma I guess.

Now who to tag in this? I only know of two other friends who have blogs (other than Sara) so I might as well tag them!
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