Events of the Weekend } 1.14~1.16

So I know I know... Been lazy with outfit posts I know. I haven't had a camera really to use. But that's no excuse. :) So this past weekend ended up being super fun too! This year has started out awesome.

Friday... friday... It was my friend Hilary's birthday! I hadn't seen her since mine and Kevin's trip to NYC on Halloween. She came over and we all hung out in the upstairs flat, my bestie Jen's place. We had nachos and wine, then later had carrot cake made by me! I love baking. I took just a carrot cake mix I had and instead of oil used applesauce of course, and then instead of water Kevin and I juiced some carrots we had and used he juice. Then to give the cake more texture I added the leftover pulp from juicing. After that we put more applesauce between the cake layers and finished it with cream cheese frosting on the outside. It was good, not too sweet. We spent the rest of he night playing GTA 4, it's kinda scary but impressive how life like the animation of the character were... and the crashes and explosions.

Saturday started out with family breakfast in mine and Kevin's flat (the down stairs flat). Jen, her hubby Matt, Hilary, Kevin and I all sat down and feasted on eggs, bacon, and toast. I have to say it was pretty cute.

Later Kevin, Lee and I met up with Sara and gang at Campus Martius in Detroit to go ice skating. It was somewhat fun... I liked watching everyone else but am totally afraid of ice skating. I'm not from a big hockey place like michigan is... so ice skating and myself have only mixed a couple times. I did however soon get the hang of it to a degree and was able to skate around without holding a hand, but it was so scary cause everyone was whipping around me. I'd rather be roller skating I have to say. Oh and Kevin was no help in hand holding cause he was the one that pulled me down when he fell!

photos from Sara

After the skating we walking to Brick Town to Jacoby's but they were full so we made our way to Greek Town. Ended up being super busy because of the International Auto Show and there was a Kid Rock concert too (he's from here, and is very supportive of the city, so he's seen as a Detroit god) So can imagine the amounts of people. We ended up getting to Niki's before the rush and settled down to some amazing saganaki (flaming cheese), salad, and pizza. Opa!

Afterwards we bid our farewells to the Sara Gang, and Lee, Kev and I went to our friend Matt, Maureen, and Lee's art studio in Hamtramck. We chilled out there for awhile chatting and watching Matt and Maureen screenprint.

Later we all joined back together at Matt, Maureen, and Lee's house to watch the 5th Element on blu-ray. The night got a little crazy with Matt and Lee drinking Bacardi 151, and ended with use trying chat roulette... Haha, it was kinda sad. And kinda funny. None of us had ever tried it before so what better time to do so when you are a little intoxicated and with a group of friends. Most of the people seemed lame, but there were some cool groups of people we talked to all over the world. We spent most of our time talking to a group in Missouri (I think). It was funny... One thing is most everyone on chat roulette were under the age of 20 so we were being a little creepy because of our age... haha! We were asked for advice though! I hope the girl who had a crush took our advice to just go for it, because in the end it doesn't matter if he says no... hahah! I felt so wise.

Sunday all Kevin and I did was work on the artwork for our invitations, save the dates, etc... Did you know I have amazing penmanship and calligraphy? I may try to do more wedding invites!

Anyway. It's now the weekdays and work, puppy, and snuggling consumes my life.



Midwest Mayhem | January 18, 2011 at 12:49 PM

Great photos! I love the one of Tripp! Jon always says that a man should always bring the woman down with him...apparently it's only the "gentlemanly thing to do."

Ebony | January 18, 2011 at 2:40 PM

Hahah Chat Roulette :)
I'm not much of an ice skater either. I've been once. I skated around three times? I didn't fall down so I called it a day. Quit while you're ahead sorta thing... :p

I can't wait to see these invites! So exciting! Have a great week xx

Anonymous | January 18, 2011 at 5:49 PM

that cake you made sounds delicious!

Wangari M. | January 19, 2011 at 7:11 AM

Sounds like a fun weekend with great friends! And I have agree with terry there, that cake does sounds delicious.

Victoria / Justice Pirate | January 20, 2011 at 7:54 AM

I'd prefer roller skating/blading too. People get a little dangerous with ice skating!!
These photos are all so beautiful and I love big entries like this filled with fun events that you and your friends have. hooray for parties and get-togethers.